The Project

So, yeah. I'm something of a story nerd.

I love stories. I have no idea how many books I have, but I know that it's enough to make moving quite a chore, and it's not like I have any large furniture or big screen TVs or anything. Just lots of books. I also love movies, plays, and TV shows, provided they have good stories. I love the process of creating the story, putting all the pieces together, and presenting something to communicate ideas or experiences to other people.

In fact, I love stories so much that I spent four years and $40,000 having people teach me how to write stories better, and how to get them published. But it's been 6 years since then, and I write less and still haven't had anything published. Which means that I either need to get on the ball, or maybe I should take some money and time management classes.

I mean, I was just going through some old files on my computer and I remembered that for one class, I used to write a short story once a week. For another, it was a script once a week. And that's on top of all the classes I went to, the other homework I had, and plenty of recreational activity. So, what's keeping me from doing it now?

The best answer I could come up with was a lack of accountability. No one is holding me to any sort of deadline. No one is going to flunk me out of life if I don't write. So it gets pushed to the back burner to make room for video games or some such. But, as I've already suggested, that seems like an awful waste of four years and $40,000. So I'm recruiting you, the internets, to help me with this.

I figure even with my Busy Adult Life, I should be able to create a short story every two weeks. They might not all be wonderfully wonderful, but the idea is to just keep up the practice.

In theory, I will get an excuse to write, and you people will get some sort of diversion. It seems like a reasonable trade.

So, what should I write about?

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