Open for Suggestions!

How do I choose which suggestion to write about? Well, it's a complicated process.

First priority goes to suggestions posted on most recent blog post entitled, "Open for Suggestions!" Then G+. Then Facebook. And finally suggestions that people throw at me more or less in person (that is, over IM or voicechat or phonecall or what have you). If for any reason I don't have suggestions, I go back to the previous suggestion day and repeat the process. Thus far, I haven't had to repeat. Yet.

So, if I get one suggestion on the blog and 50 on Facebook, and I think there's a possibility I can pull off the one on the blog, I would use that suggestion and just stare wistfully at the other 50. Some weeks I wish I could write on more than one of the topics, or combine them or something. Maybe one of these times I will, but in the meantime, assume I'm using the above method.

Or maybe I just make up fake people and suggest things to myself. You can never be entirely sure....

If you have any questions regarding possible suggestions, please see The FAQs.

**Edit: Actually, at this point I kind of just choose them randomly from all the suggestions thrown at me from  various directions. My technique for selecting any suggestion is subject to change.


  1. The story of how the Raven ended up on the pallid bust of Pallas just above the chamber door - from the bird's point of view.

  2. Heh. This should be interesting.