Hi, guys. I'm working on the next story, but I have a little project for you, if you're interested. As we've just about finished up the holiday season, why don't you tell me about your favorite holiday food? Here's the catch: don't use food words. No "tasting delicious." No "spicy," "savory," "juicy," etc.

If you don't have a favorite holiday food and/or don't practice holidays, tell me about your favorite pie using the same rules as above.


  1. Traditional New England fare consisting of bright bog-grown berries and game birds so stuffed that Franklin wanted them to replace Bald Eagles. Sam's spuds crushed into wattle and daub and a little brown bird curd thrown in. Puddleglum Paxford would approve.

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'm sure many a character from English literature would not miss such an event, and more besides.