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Hi. I am not dead.

This year has been crazy. I mean, all my years are crazy somehow or another, but this one has been one of the less productive types of crazy. Some of you may remember from my last post that my job was killing my hands. This didn't actually let up much, and by May I found myself in a position where I could either sacrifice my hands to my job or I could quit my job.

So, I quit my job.

I didn't have anything else lined up. I had some savings, and I had spoken with my dad and he agreed to let me stay at his place free of charge for a bit. Apparently it has been painfully obvious to everyone else that my job and I were running into irreconcilable differences quite a bit over the last year, so he was happy to give me a bit of a break while I looked for a position that wouldn't require me giving up use of body parts.

The move was necessary for other reasons, too. Rent on the apartment I shared with my roommate had increased rather drastically in March, and since that time I had been trying to figure out how to make things work. The problem was my living expenses now left me with no savings whatsoever, so I couldn't save up for a deposit on a new place. I had been hunting for a new job but coming up empty-handed, and thus I ended up in the position I was in come May.

But I didn't end up moving back in with my dad. Only a few days before my last day at my job, I got hired somewhere else. My new job allows me to to do real editing (the last one was more concerned with quantity than quality) on a variety of things (last job just had me editing the same type of document ad nauseum) and doesn't require enough typing to actually cause my hands any strain. Oh, and also it came with a nice pay raise. So, yay!

The job business was settled, but I still needed to find a new place to move. When our rent increased, my roommate started looking for a condo and so I knew it was only a matter of time until I was out a roommate and a place to live. So, after I got my new job, I started searching.

And searching.

And searching.

I searched up to the Wednesday before I needed to move out (which was early in November). At that time, the stress of it all finally caught up with me and I ended up spending the next two days curled up in bed hoping I'd feel well enough on the weekend to move to wherever. My roommate told me I could stay with her for a while, and though her place is rather far from my work, I didn't really have anywhere else I could go that was closer, so I accepted.

The rest since then has just been settling. I'll be here until after the holidays, I guess, and then it will be back to searching for a place.

"But Liz," you ask, "what about the stories?"

What, indeed?

Obviously, I had a lack of success on completing the stories this year, but overall I'd say this project was a success. I started it not just so I could keep up my creative writing skills. I also wanted to get used to writing short-format stories, since most of what I write ends up being no less than 30 pages in length. On that side, I think I've accomplished my goal, even if I didn't get as many stories written as I had hoped.

I plan to take this next week to finish off that last one I was working on and get it posted. It's way too close  to done just to abandon.

I also need to decide what to do with this blog for the next year. I'm considering giving it another go, and perhaps adding on another writer. That way even if I get bogged down, someone can provide you with entertainment. Or maybe I'll change the format for the stories and go with scripts this year. I'm not sure yet.

What do you guys think?

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